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Optional input
1. Name: the name of the structure.

2. Start Base: the starting number of the structure. If this is omitted, the starting number is 1 by default.

3. Draw options

Default Off standard view Off support line Off pseudoknot highlight Off numbering
Off standard view and
pseudoknot highlihgt
Off additional line On additional line
Scale: 0.5 Scale: 1 Scale: 2

4. Numbering

Required input
A structure and sequence of an RNA is required. There are three ways to enter the structure.

1. Sequence and structure:

2. PV input:

3. Load PseudoViewer input file:

Structure drawing
The structure drawing of PseudoViewer can be saved as 'EPS', 'PNG' and 'GIF' format. The bracket view generated by PseudoViewer can be stored in a file . We provide Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) view when you click 'View as SVG'.

SVG view
SVG is an XML-based vector format that produces high-quality, interactive web graphics.

The structure drawing in SVG format supports mouse-over events, which are useful for showing information on structural elements, such as base numbers and base pairs.
Mouse over event of a base pair Mouse over event of a base

Quick link
PseudoViewer web application supports a simple get request.
The quick link page is
The get values of a structure (as 'str') and a seuqnece (as 'seq') are required. the start base number (as 'start') is optional. the start base number can be added in front of the sequence.
For example (change red and blue parts of the examples as your input data),
Query 1 :[[[[)))..]]]]....
Query 2 (with start base number):[[[[)))..]]]]....&start=342
Query 3 (same result as Query 2):[[[[)))..]]]]....
Query 4 (omitted sequence):[[[[)))..]]]]....

Visualize pseudoknots in PseudoBase and folding result of pknotsRG in BiBiServ.
PseudoViewer can read the bracket view of PseudoBase (
pknotsRG is a tool for folding RNA secondary structures, including the class of simple recursive pseudoknots ( pknotsRG supports PseudoViewer format folding result. User can visualize the structure they serve by just copy and paste it in PseudoViewer web application for any systems. This shows the easy way to use PseudoViwer web application.

Visualize pseudoknots in PseudoBase

1. Choose structure and copy the bracket view of structure in PseudoBase.

2. In 'PseudoViewer web application for any systems' page, select input type as 'PseudoViewer input file type'.

3. Paste the structure data and submit it.

4. Visualization result.

Visualize the folding result of pknotsRG

1. Folding the structure in pknotsRG

2. When the result come, select PseodViewer format

3. Copy the result.

4. In 'PseudoViewer web service' page, select input type as 'PseudoViewer input file type'.

5. Paste the structure data and submit it.